In transformation

The old ways of livelihood are disappearing in the archipelago. Agriculture is changing into tourism, fishing into birdwatching. The nature with its beauty remains.

The new life at Skinnars

We are a 60+ couple from Finland. Anja is a MD, psychiatrist and CEO of a private medical clinic; Heikki is a retired construction engineer. Together we founded Skinnars Ltd.


We have tried to preserve and return everything to its original form, equipped with modern facilities and following ecological principles. We have saved in the farm all the old items that were left in there. Part of those are in the old main building, some others in the attic of the old cow shed, and the rest we still have not put up.

We only gave away to someone living on the island Erik’s old archipelago designed boat. It’s two-stroked Göta motor carried Erik home after fishing during the calm weather in the summer and also in stormy winds during the autumn. We had not been able to service it and in this way it survived. If you see a picturesque wooden boat in the Kökar archipelago, you may imagine that it is the one carved by Erik.


Continuity is important

Photo Nina Lindfors

So far we have renovated the old main building and seven small cottages. The service building in the old cow shed is the next in line. We have connected the farm into the community water which Kökar cleans from the lake Oppsjö. There are four wells on the Skinnars’ farm, yet in Erik’s time the farm sometimes ran out of water towards the end of the summer. Now there is definitely enough of water.

In spring 2019 we built a solar panel power station on the roof of the old stony cow shed. We have felled trees and cut off bushes to preserve the rugged impression of Kökar in spite of climate change. On our fields, Joel grows hay for his sheep.

Photo Saara Ekström

We have repaired the pier and you can go swimming now from the beach.

In the summer 2019 wel added windshields to the birdwatching tower so that the legs of the birdwatchers telescopes won’t shake in the wind.

Photo Marita Markkanen

We have started to renovating our fishing hut in outer archipelago so that it is possible to stay there in the summer.

We have built in spring 2020 a kitchen, toalett with sauna to the basement floor in the house of bricks.


We work together


We make an effort to work together with other entrepreneurs in tourism on the island. The neighboring apple farm Aplaboden is located about one kilometer from us. Adjacent to them is the Peders Aplagård.

We recommend you get delicious products from the apple farm and also take out breakfast, other dishes, and sometimes great pizza from Peders Aplagård. When picking up your food, you can cut through their convenient terrace for a short return ‘home’.

Photo Siv Blomsterlund
Photo Siv Blomsterlund
Skinnars values