This is how you find your way to Kökar

If you don’t come to Kökar with your own sailing or motor boat you always come with a connecting ferry either from the east, from the Finnish Galtby harbour in Korppoo, or from the west, from the Långnäs harbour in mainland Åland. In Kökar the ferry arrives at the harbour in the western part of the island. Skinnars is located in the eastern part of the island. The distance between the harbour and Skinnars is some ten kilometers.

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With a connecting ferry from Finland

First by either bus or car to the Galtby harbour in Korppoo.

When arriving from Finland the ferries leave from Galtby harbour in Korppoo. You drive to Korppoo by the route: Kaarina – Parainen – Nauvo – Koppoo. The Galtby harbour lies some two kilometers before the Korppoo center and clear signs lead you there.


The road from Kaarina to Korppoo takes two hours. It is 75 kilometers but there are two ferries on the way: The Nauvo ferry and the Korppoo ferry. The ferries are free of charge.

The ferries are coordinated with each other so that when you drive direct from the Nauvo ferry to Korppoo ferry you won’t miss the ferry. If you stop by the wonderful Nauvo landscapes in the beach or if you wish to peep into the medieval church in Korppoo, check your timetable to the next ferry. Reserve in any case plenty of time, especially when you come back, the ferries may be crowding and you may miss the ferry.

Some, but not all the archipelago (Saaristoliikenne) buses are synchronized in the way that you will get by bus from the Turku bus station to the connecting ferry. It takes the same two hours from Turku and you will have plenty of time at the harbour, often a whole hour. The buses take bicycles and you can find their timetables on the internet.

The connecting ferry from Korppoo to Kökar

The travel on the connecting ferries takes 2,5 hours. There is often a restaurant on the ferry where they serve food and coffee. The dish of the day is normally of a reasonable price and it is what you get for lunch in a normal coffee house. One ferry takes 25 cars. After you have made your decision to travel, book immediately your place on the connecting ferry. The ferries are the bottleneck when travelling to Kökar. The prices to travel on the ferry are low.


To travel to Kökar from Mariehamn

You may also travel to Kökar from Turku via Mariehamn. The day ferry of Viking Line leaves from Turku and arrives to the center of Mariehamn. From there you will need to travel 20 kilometers to Långnäs harbour where the connecting ferries leave to Kökar. The travel takes the same, 2,5 hours.

A part of the Viking Line and Tallink Silja ferries arrive straight to Långnäs and you don’t need to visit Mariehamn at all. It is quite practical to travel back to the Helsinki region by first taking the connecting ferry to Långnäs and continuing with the evening ferry of Tallink Silja straight to Helsinki.


From Sweden to Kökar

The ones who are coming from Sweden will need to come with Viking Line or Tallink Silja car ferry from Stockholm to Mariehamn, continue to Långnäs (20 km) and take a connecting ferry to Kökar. Or you may take a cruise with Viking Line or Tallink Silja from Stockholm to Turku, get off in Turku and continue by car from Turku to Korppoo and take a connecting ferry to Kökar.


You can cruise from Stockholm to Turku, continue from Turku to Mariehamn, get off the ferry in Mariehamn and come to Kökar from Långnäs.

While coming from Sweden you may also use the fast connection by Eckerö Line from Sweden to Åland, drive from Eckerö to Långnäs and take the connecting ferry from there to Kökar.


For example

Begin by taking a cruise ferry day trip from Turku to Mariehamn. There you can walk around a bit and learn to know the city. Then take a bus or drive by car to Långnäs and take the connecting ferry to Kökar and soon you will be there. On your way back take a connecting ferry from Kökar to Galtby. It is possible for you to take the connecting ferry from Kökar to Mariehamn and from there to Turku with Viking Line or Tallink Silja.

One way by car to Korppoo and the connecting ferry to Kökar and back home with Tallink Silja to Helsinki.


How to book a car on the connecting ferry

Make your reservation by phone from the number +358 18 25600

You may book your travel also by internet but the schedules are very complicated and it is easy to make a mistake. They also speak English in the Ålandstrafiken, then you won’t make a mistake. If you are not used to book your trip, I recommend that you book your ferry by phone.


Book thereafter your trip on Viking Line or Tallink Silja with the combination you wish.

We recommend travelling without pollution

If you don’t own a car or a bicycle you can easily manage your way to us by planning your trip well. After arriving to Skinnars you may use the bicycles we have to get around.


To your assistance

Tallink Silja, Viking Line
Ferries from Stockholm, Kappelskär and Turku to Åland

Ferries from Grisslehamn to Åland

The buses to Långnäs, the ferries from Korppoo and mainland Åland to Kökar

The bus in the archipelago
The buses from Turku to Galby in Korppoo, timetables:

Taxi and public transport on Kökar

Kökar taxi takes care of the public transport on the island.
There is space for 6 people and also place for a wheelchair.
The taxi functions as collective traffic from Monday to Friday in connection with the ferries.


In the summer: Guided tours and sightseeing tours as well as boat tours.

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