You may book your stay in Skinnars either by e-mail: or by phone +358 50 3394656.


4-7 persons

60 – 90€/day


2 persons




4 persons



5 persons


At the time of your booking you can reserve yourself a bicycle/an electric bike for the price 10 euros per person for your whole stay. If you book while staying here the price is 20 euros per person.

On Skinnars area of four hectares there are 15 cottages, a boat house, a beach shed and a fishing hut in the outer archipelago. There is space for 50 people to stay overnight.

Part of the buildings are usable during winter, some are in used only during summertime, part of them have been renovated and some are still unrenovated. In addition, there are meeting rooms, a service space and a dance hall.

”We all fitted well into the cottages, we ate, slept and washed ourselves. It would have been possible to squeeze in maybe six more people, but then Skinnars would have been fully packed.”
– Marjukka Kulmanen, journalist and Risto Repo, journalist