Skinnars is full of activities

While vacationing in Skinnars you have a possibility to use Skinnars’ bicycles, electric bikes, rowing boat, motorboat, kayak, a little Frisbee golf course, beach to swim and sauna. You can fish without license in the waters of Skinnars and make a picnic to the fishing hut in the outer archipelago and enjoy coffee with homemade pancakes.

The fishing waters


A map of the fishing waters which belong to Skinnars where you can go fishing while you stay with us. Be careful with the area – the neighbour has his own. The areas are towards the East and you can row to the first one. It takes 20 minutes to drive slowly to the further one. Be careful – the waters are extremely rocky.

The fishing hut is located close to Nasskär. One has to drive over one big area of open water to get there. It is equipped with gas stove, dry clothes, water and macaron.

Photo Minna Hirvelä

The fishing hut gives good possibilities for birdwatching.

If you stay overnight in the autumn in the hut you can look at the brightest starry sky in the world.

Photo Minna Hirvelä



Birdwatching in the archipelago. Based on its location and its numerous islets, Kökar is an excellent place for birdwatching. In the spring and in the autumn the migration routes go over the islets and the birds may stop over on the moss to collect food. You may easily see a white-tailed eagle on the Skinnars’ ground.

We have rebuilt the bird watching tower in Skinnars and later sheltered the walls from the wind.


From Skinnars’ hill you can see very far over the sea and the islets. In the reeds by the beach you may watch the birds from close by.

The opening of Baltic Wings birdwatching tower on Skinnars’ hill.

Photo Marita Markkanen
Photo Marita Markkanen

Our bird watching tower is part of EU funded Baltic Wings project in Kökar.


Picking berries

The nature in Kökar is rich in many ways.

Picture Minna Hirvelä
Picture Minna Hirvelä
Picture Minna Hirvelä
Picture Minna Hirvelä

Frisbee golf

A Disc Golf course of twelve holes which starts from Aplagården’s terrace has just been completed.

Foto Siv Blomsterlund

It offers an excellent possibility to move and see the incredible views in Kökar. The old sea bottom gives variably even terrain where you can learn the movements of wind in clean ocean air.



You have a possibility to use our bicycles while you are staying with us. We have both electric bikes and normal ones. You can load your bike from your cottage and ride to see the attractions of the island with it. You can manage your vacation without a car and your vacation will be friendlier to the environment.

Our plastic kayak for one person gives you excellent possibilities to move about close to the water during the hot summer season when the sea is quiet and peaceful.


You are able to reach the first fishing waters even with the rowboat. You need to agree to use the motorboat and be extremely precautious.

Our Frisbee golf course has only five baskets for the time being but we intend to grow. If you are interested in a bigger course please call in advance, we might have got more.


The electric Sauna with walls of natural stone lies in the basement of the stony cowshed. Outside the season you may also bathe in a wood-heated sauna in the basement of the brick house, Ejdern.

The sky


As the terrain in Kökar is flat and its ground is without trees, there is a huge amount of sky in Kökar. It also is one of the areas in the world where there is least light pollution. This is why Skinnars offers you excellent possibilities to look at stars and light phenomenon.

The sky in Kökar is not unbealavable only at nights. Also during mornings and evenings you can see unbealeavable formations of clouds and sunrisings and sunsettings.


The winter brings the powder snow to Skinnars. The landscape changes to be beautiful in another way. When the sea is frozen the beaches are popular among ice skaters and country cross skiers, but it is important to watch out for cracks.

Not only in the beginning of May as in this picture but also during other seasons when the weather cools, the Northern lights appear in the sky. The cottages look like ghost houses under the blazing lights.

Skinnars values