Skinnars can accommodate 44 guests overnight. We all fitted into the cottages well, we ate, slept and washed ourselves. Had there been a possibility to squeeze in maybe six more people, the Skinnars would have been fully packed.

You may book your stay in Skinnars either by email: or by phone +358 50 3394656.


The old main building, the fisherman’s cottage


Our prices:

We rent out the old Fisherman’s house in the summer 15.6.-18.8. only on weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. The price is 90 euros a day, which means 630 euros for a week.
At other times the minimum renting period is four days, 90 euros a day, which makes 360 euros.

We have renovated the old main building according to the old floor plan to be atmospheric. We have preserved and repaired old furniture, added decorative items and paintings, and made an effort to preserve the atmosphere of old times without having to give up today’s modern facilities.


There are two separate bedrooms in the house, two separate lobbies, a relatively big live-in kitchen room and a big terrace combined with a lot of storage space, a walk-in closet, a cleaning closet and two separate closets.
In the lobby there is space to socialize with an easy chair and a reading lamp.

There is Free wifi in the cottage.

There are roller blinds in the windows which prevent the bright sunlight from coming in.

The house has been renovated to be used year round. It has electric radiators, an air source heat bump, a hot-water tank, and on the bedroom floors, an insulating vinyl cork. The house has community running water.


In the larger bedroom there is a double bed, a foldable couch for two people and a foldable 160 cm long children’s bed. The double beds have spring mattresses and the children’s bed a foam mattress.

In the smaller bedroom there are two single beds.

In the live-in kitchen there is an old wooden couch which has two new foam mattresses.


The house can only accommodate seven people. It works well if bigger groups rent the house and the small cottages combined: The youth may overnight in the small cottages or the visiting couples will sleep in the house.

The kitchen is well equipped with refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, sink, dish-drying cupboard, sauce pans, dishes and cutlery.

There is one toilet and one shower in the house.


There is a separate sauna in the service building in the stony cow shed which those staying in the fisherman’s house are allowed to use. In the service building there are also more showers and toilets.

In the cleaning closet you will find a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies.

The guests will need to bring their own bed linen and towels. If one does not have such for one reason or another we will sell you a new package of linen and tower for the cost prize. In that case the guests can take the used linen with them.

There is one bedroom upstairs which we have not renovated yet. The stair leads there from the hall. There is a gate for children at the stairs.

The terrace is big and multiform. In the summer, one can fit there a dining table in the corner sheltered from the wind as well as a gas grill. There is still plenty of space left to sit and relax with a glass of wine while looking at the rugged nature in Kökar.


”A neat and cosy little cottage. Price-quality relation was excellent. Service spaces fulfilled our needs. Anja is a very nice and helpful hostess. Peaceful environment.”
– Milla, guest through Airbnb


The small cottages


Our prices:

We rent out the small cottages for 30 euros per person per day or 180 euros per week. There is no limitation in the length of their rental time. There is space for two adults in one cottage. The small cottages are available for renting in the summer 1.5.-30.9. At other times we rent out the small cottages only for groups, and the brick house Ejdern functions then as the service building.

There are eight small cottages on the property. Seven of them we have already renovated to be used for accommodation.

Each cottage has its own little refrigerator and a fan.


Inside there is a wide convertible bed which goes around the wall. On top of it there are two separate foam mattresses. In one cottage we have a double bed and in two cottages we have a bed for three.

There are two chairs and a table on wheels which is easy to move around. There are roller blinds on the windows. Further, there are two closets with hangers, a mirror, small boxes to keep your items, a radiator, lamps and electric outlets.


As with the main building the guests will have to bring their own bed linen and towels. If one does not have them, we will sell you a new package of linen and tower at cost. Guests can then take the linen with them when they leave.

Under the convertible beds we have pull-out drawers for luggage and other travel equipment. We have also built storage boxes for the blankets and pillows.


The cottages have walls made of logs and they have a terrace. There is a string outside to dry your towel.

The service building for small cottages is the old stony cow shed close by. We have renovated a kitchen with stoves and refrigerators there. One can find there two showers, two toilets and a sauna.


”Everything went as it should, the place was neat and according to description. The host couple was very hospitable and they gave a ride to the harbour and back. I recommend!”
– Katri, guest through Airbnb


The stony cow shed


Our prices:

The two rooms in the attic of the stone cowshed we rent out during the summer 1.5.-30.9. for 180 euros a week.

The old stony cow shed has been refurbished. In his time, Erik had renovated it to become the service building for all cottages. This unbelievably fancy old building comes in two stories:

Downstairs you have the kitchen, two showers, a toilet, a sauna and a big dancing hall or a meeting hall equipped with walls made of natural stones.

The upstairs end walls have been replaced with huge glass walls. The light filters through them throughout the attic.


The attic is one big space where for example weddings have been celebrated. Some 70 people may dine on long tables. There is also a sink, water connection, stove and refrigerator.

Together with the dancing hall downstairs, the attic offers plenty of creative possibilities to organize meetings or social events.


The attic allows as well for art exhibitions because of the light filtering through.

There are also two apartments and a spacious sink and toilet in the attic where one can accommodate 8-10 people.


Those staying in the rooms upstairs can cook for themselves in the kitchen downstairs and utilize also other facilities.


‘Unplugged’ -cottages


Our prices:

The ‘unplugged’ -cottages we rent out during the summer 1.5.-30.9. for 180 euros a week.

On the hill of Skinnars you have three cottages from the sixties, which are to be renovated last. They have extremely beautiful views, but they are modest in their condition.

Two of these cottages get electricity and have a stove and a refrigerator. The toilet and washing possibilities are in the stony cow shed, as well as the chance to do more demanding cooking.


The grey unplugged cottage has a gas stove, new gas refrigerator, solar panels and you can get electricity from a USB connection to your mobile phone and laptop.

There is an outer toilet for this cottage but the service building where toilets are also available.

Photography artist Saara Ekström has for the grey cottage donated kitchen tiles that she has painted for the Ars Fennica 2002 exhibition.


Altogether 13 people fit into the unplugged cottages.

The red unplugged cottage.


Reservations by email or by phone +358 50 3394656.

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